Page Benkowski
Selected Scanner Based Works
The architecture of digital space fascinates and confounds me. In many ways, the digital is an extruder of space. Processes like scanning collapse three-dimensions into two--simultaneously simplifying and complicating the geometry of what they describe by flattening it into tiny units. These units--pixels--reduce even the most curvilinear and flamboyant of forms into tightly packed columns of small, even squares.

Much of my work attempts to address this dichotomy of digital space, its ability to act both as a reductive and additive graphic force, through interventions in the scanning process. My hope is that these interventions, whether they be the running of two scanners against one another or the spilling of paint onto a scanner's bed, cause viewers to approach the scanner less as a reliable vehicle for digital translation and more as a creative machine that invents its own nature instead of simply describing that which is around it.